Saturday, May 1, 2010

On the road to "True Grit"...

Yep, recently Shan and I decided, on a whim, to try out for the extras casting for the remake of "True Grit"... Well, after months of impatiently waiting, the time has come... I was chosen. WHAT!?
Shan, still hasn't heard? After growing his beard and really conforming to the part of a "truly gritty" person, he wasn't called? Perhaps he was lost amidst the 5000 people that applied. Geez!
Or is it, that I am "truly grittier" than he is...??? Fair, or not fair?
So, Shan accompanied me at my first fitting. It was fun, but all along the costume director was interested in the "man" I came with... "who is he?" ... "Oh, that's my sweetie, Shan".
"is he in the movie?"... "no, You haven't called him yet...?"
They were amazed at their failure to acknowledge such natural grit.
Still... no word.
Tomorrow... I start filming. Shan will be with me... I hope they realize "true grit" when they see it!
I love my Gritty Shan!