Saturday, December 26, 2009

Year in Review...

It's amazing to imagine what happened in 09...
January was smooth and great, but then February came along and reality sets in...
Mom started feeling sick. Doctors couldn't figure out why? One test, two tests, three, four...whew, poor Mom. Meanwhile, Shan was still trying to figure out his problem too, which had been lingering for a year now. Chest pains mostly.
Did I mention that my sweet dog, Gohan was also sick. He had been losing weight for several months. Down to about 55, then 45, then 39.
March and April were spent diagnosing all the diseases that had been consuming all of the ones I love the most... WHY?
Gohan lay to rest at the end of April. Finally, he was at peace. If nothing else... there was comfort in knowing that.
Oh, and Jimmy had to have knee surgery... a donated ACL joint, yikes!
May... the family visited my Grandmother, who was also not doing very well. She has always been a strong and independent woman. It was sad to see her in a wheelchair, frail and needing of assistance. However it was a blessing to watch her as she set eyes on her son, my Dad... her spirits lifted. I even think she drew strength from that moment. Thank God!
June... another year older; 39... still no diagnosis for Mom and Shan.... still wishing I could take the pain away from them both.
July... playing music whenever we can and praying all the time.
August...second visit to see Grandmom. She was doing very well. She looked as good as we could remember.
August also brought a Diagnosis for Shan! After being airlifted to Austin, with 2 stents and 2 balloons. He's made a 100% recovery! Now if we can just exercise and eat right.
Dad was doing pretty well, considering all the happenings... but I guess I was feeling left out because I got a skin cancer diagnosis... yep but it's okay. I'm the least of my worries. For me...Lots of stitches, lots of tears and lots of sunscreen!
Aug/September... Diagnosis for Mom! Lymphoma. Crazy, but we were actually happy to hear this. At least it was something. Now we just had to get through the Chemo... 6 months worth.
Sept/Oct... New baby from DeAnn! This is the best thing to happen this year! This and of course the fact that everyone is staying strong and as healthy as they can be.
We can get through all of this!!!
Oh, lots of birthdays too! Especially in October and November! AND there are soooo many more to come.
December... Christmas... lots to be grateful for... Mom, Dad, Shan, DeAnn, Jimmy, Mike, Laura, Leo, Caya, Grandmom... all my family and friends and all the animals in the world!
What will next year hold???
It doesn't matter...Bring it on!!!
May God Bless Us All...