Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Pier to Eternity...

I'm a photographer/retouch artist. I've been shooting since I was 15... that's a few years, wink, wink.
I figured this was a good place to share my photographic findings. I hope you enjoy them over time.

Life and Death...

Seems a bit deep for my first blog... it's really not that deep, just sad. The world lost a good man today to cancer. His name is Mike Baudat. A true hero in my eyes. Have you ever met someone that smiles incessantly? That's always happy? That lives life to the fullest? I have... and his name is Mike Baudat.

He had been diagnosed with cancer last year, and although he was in a remission, it came back full force. He passed around four this morning on a morphine drip. I only hope he wasn't in too much pain.

He instigated a lot of smiles through the years and he will so truly be missed.

We'll remember Mike Baudat on his motorcycle... for now, he rides endlessly.